Planned schedule

Friday 14 – 18 o’clockMilonga de BienvenidaDJ Wolfgang Weuste
Friday 21 – 02 o’clockMilonga de GalaDJ Melina Sedó
Saturday 14 – 18 o’clockMilonga coquetaDJ Torsten Krück
Saturday 21 – 02 o’clockMilonga la FiestaDJ Tomaž Leskovšek
Sunday 13 – 18 o’clockMilonga de DespedidaDJ Céline Dévèze
Sunday 18 – 19 o’clockJoint dinner
after dinner till 23 o’clockAfterpartyDJ Andreas Giersdorfer

During the milongas you can enjoy our varied snack buffet with fruit, sweet treats, savory bites and salty nibbles. In the afternoon there will be cake. Water, tea, coffee and juice are always available and included in the price.

On Sunday evening there will be a dinner, which can be booked separately. We would be happy if you stay and finish the weekend with us. There will be vegetarian as well as meat dishes to choose from.

Afterwards there will be an afterparty untill 11 p.m. for the survivors 😉 .

Supporting programme

In addition to dancing, we also offer you tango-specific shopping opportunities, something for the friends of high class coffee enjoyment and revitalising relaxation.


We have organised three suppliers of tango clothing and shoes for you. So if you’re in the mood for something new for your wardrobe after the long, tango-poor time, pack your wallet.

Mala Educacion (Italy)

That’s how Federica and Mariella describe themselves:
“After years of passionate hugs evenings, we tango lovers do not talk about but hugs, about miles traveled by car up and down Italy and Europe in search of events and marathons we looked around usl and we realized that the clothing dedicated to tango seemed so boring to us, exaggerated in some cases, ancient in others and that the time had come to our say. So we started shyly to make our personal garments and in a moment we found ourselves creating a whole collection of skirts, dresses, trousers and T-shirts all rigorously handmade and unique. Yes, each piece is unique, the choice is to buy small pieces of fabric with which to make two or three different articles. This added value is particularly appreciated because women who attend tango evenings do not like to meet in milonga with three or four others who have the same dress. Another strong point of our collection is the absolute versatility of the garment that can be worn on various occasions other than tango. Finally, the value for money is looked at with favor since in the world of tango we love to change often.
The collection is made in the province of Reggio Emilia where the rhythms of life are fast but decidedly more human than in the city. The nature that surrounds us allows us to work as we were meditating during the week, then the weekend comes and everything changes. Off again by car to go to exhibit and …. dance!”

You can also get an impression of the collection in advance on the Etsy-Shop page or on Facebook under Mala Educacion.

Shoe Ambasador – Salome & Hussar – Tango Bazaar (Hungary)

Kálmán Horváth from Budapest will visit us with a selection from his Tango Bazaar. He represents the brands Tangolera, Salome Hussar, SUR, Madame Pivot, Regina and Alagalomi in Budapest – unfortunately he probably can’t bring everything.

Very interesting with him is the possibility of having personalised men’s shoes made under the Hussar custom-made brand. In addition, he will tempt the gentlemen with a selection of his clothing collection.

More info directly on his website and on Facebook at Tango.Bazaar.Danceshoes.

Barrista specialties

In addition to our complimentary beverage offer, Aljoscha Bukowski will treat us to various coffee specialities as Cortina Coffee with his professional barrista equipment (to be paid extra).